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We've put together a small collection of video's and music for you here, some of the tunes you can download for free, others are just clips meant to get you to buy one of our CD's at one of the locations listed below (hint hint). Check things out below, we recommend headphones turned up really loud, it kind of emulates being at a show, and a couple beers won't hurt either.

Everything on this page was recorded at Demon Digital Sound Studio accept live stuff, which was of course recorded whereever we were playing at the time. Demon Digital is Eric's recording studio, where he and Brad do a lot of mixing and mastering for not only Bottom Feeders but an array of others as well.

Our final show with ex-singer Steve Casanova was on March 17th, 2012 - View the entire show at Youtube Here
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Video - Shot O' Jack & A Microphone
Song from upcoming CD "Older But No Wiser" - Watch Now
Video - Song Collage - Outer Limits
A bunch of clips all in one 5 minute package - Watch Now
Video - 1000 Voices
From Eric VanLandingham's Meet My Demons CD - Watch Now
Video - Great Mistake - In Studio
Song from upcoming CD "Older But No Wiser" - Watch Now
Video - Walk Behind You - Clip
With a little added funny to help embed the lyrics - Watch Now
Music Download - Crazy Bitch - Buck Cherry Cover with a little Bottom Feeders mixed in - Download Now
You'll probably need to disable your pop-up blocker in order to listen to the streaming music here, just a heads up :-) More music coming soon, check back every day for the rest of your life!
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