Dan Thorp - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
We met Dan a few years ago at a local church here in Michigan. He was leading the rock band that plays during the modern service. Eric started sitting in with them on occassion and finally asked Dan if he would be interested in singing vocals on a cd which was left unifnished for

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Who Are The Bottom Feeders?
Bottom Feeders have been around the mid Michigan area since about 1996, but started out under the name "Contempt" which was a heavier straight forward rock band under the direction of guitarist Tim Beckett. With the addition of Dan Thorp, Eric VanLandingham and various other changes, Bottom Feeders has morphed into what you see and hear today. When you go out to a Bottom Feeders show, you'll hear music ranging from Marvin Gaye to Metallica, and thrown into the mix are some of the snidely comical yet musically serious original songs from the bands first CD "The Liquor Store" along with songs from the 2015 release "Older But No Wiser".

Bottom Feeders is a fun live act, having drinks with the crowd, constantly joking on stage, unrehearsed attempts at songs we probably don't know, while nailing songs we do know. The ever changing and growing set lists will never leave you wodering why we didn;t play your favortie bands songs, but will also make you say "Wow, nobody does that song, it was awesome!"
many years. Dan was happy to agree and we had the vocal tracks record in just a few weeks. Dan has one of those great vocal tones that only a few poeple have, and we were lucky to run across him! Please check out the new cd "Older But No Wiser" and give Dan a chance, if you happen to be an old Stevester.
Bill Bradley - Drums, vocals. Bill and Eric were in many bands together in the 90's, Bill enjoys studio work, live playing, red wine and going to his son's baseball games. Along with drums, Bill is a great guitarist and bassist.
Eric VanLandingham - Bass, vocals. Eric has jammed with the likes of Ace Frehley, Dimebag Darrell, Tommy Stewart and more. Eric enjoys microbrewed beers, computers, music and instructing others on how to be just like him.
Brad Krug - Guitar. In the 80s, Brad was in  Stryker. After running sound for Contempt and having such a good time, he picked up the guitar duties after longtime BF axman Ken Kriedler left the band.  Brad likes Mic Ultra, 70's shades and low cholesterol.
Tim Beckett - Guitar, Vocals. Tim is our blues influence, he writes a good portion of the songs we record and likes beer, long walks to the restroom and pretzels. If you plan to request a song, bring Tim a Killians Red and you'll have better luck.
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